Wednesday, 10 August 2011

We’ve set a date!

Simon and I have set a date for our nuptials, hopefully it's going to be Saturday November 10th, 2012! We are excited that it's (kind of) set in stone now. We are planning on having the ceremony at 3pm and the Reception by about 7pm. We really want to have the reception outdoors maybe a marquee or something, we don't want a big fancy ballroom sit down dinner style we want it to be relaxed (but really nice) buffet style.
I just had a thought, we probably need to consider mozzie candles...
These ones are citronella anti-mosquito candles but they look classy too, might fit in really nicely with some other candles too...
At that time of year here in Australia I'm hoping the weather will be about 25 degrees Celsius which is perfect weather for me! We are planning on getting married in the Grampians in Western Victoria at this stage because Simon grew up in Ararat which is pretty close and he worked in Halls Gap in the Grampians for a few years when he first became a chef... Also it's quite picturesque and with my parents living in Adelaide they will have to travel somewhere for our wedding and the Grampians are closer than Melbourne!
I really want to get married in a church, but there isn't actually that many, if any, churches in Halls Gap, certainly not any big enough to hold 100 people so I might have to compromise on that... Funnily enough Simon isn't actually that bothered by this and quite likes the idea of getting married in a garden, even though HE's the Salvation Army Officer!
This is a chapel at a historic artsists colony called Mont Salvat in Melbourne, if I was getting married in Melbourne I would definitely look into getting married here however this is ideally the type of church I would be looking for in the Grampians but I don't think I'm going to have much luck...

This month we are hoping on taking a look at a few different locations for both the ceremony and the reception and booking them as soon as possible! On our hit list is;
Chatsworth House Functions
They are a beautiful property with a homestead and several different options for receptions, they also offer accommodation at this location as well, I like their idea of a BBQ Breakfast the next morning after the wedding!
I also love the idea of using these stables!

Grampians Pioneer Cottages
International guests will appreciate the Australiana of these locations however I would then have to organise everything else such as hire equipment, catering etc... I'm not perturbed by this but I will have to consider what is most cost-effective in comparison to the additional organisational headaches...
 But this looks fun doesn't it?

The only other location we will probably consider in the Grampians is good old Norval which is a campsite The Salvation Army has used many times... It probably won't be my first choice but having not been there I still want to have a look.

That's what we're working towards this month...


  1. Don't forget to check out the to help you plan for that big day in the Grampians. Goodluck with it all.

  2. Thanks so much that was actually our starting point! :)

  3. Hey Renee, So I actually wrote this back to you on my blog, and then thought it might actually be more helpful if I wrote it on yours :),

    I am glad that you have chosen me to be your blogging helpdesk :), it makes me feel like I actually know what I am doing. I used an app on my iPhone called Diptic for that little grouping, but you have to select the photos manually and it then saves it as a new picture, which I then just uploaded to the blog, it's actually a really cool app. I am sure there are other ways to do it too, but thats the one I have been using :).

    Loving your blog by the way :),

  4. Cool!

    Am totally getting Diptic as I post! :) New very fun blog up soon. :) I'm glad you're enjoying it.


  5. it all sounds fabulous ...
    also might want to check out
    they have the big marquees and much more..
    so many things to plan for the future .. and yes grampians area is so lovely. it honestly is a beautiful area to live, and to choose to get married in.
    best of luck with the planning and with the wedding date when it comes around.
    love and prayers Kat xx

  6. Thankyou mrs Kat! Been browsing through yourblog too andpraying for youand matt! Have definitely checked out grampians event hire, thanks lovely! :)