Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wedding Update!


Three weeks to go and my dress is still not done but we have A LOT of other thing completed over the last 6 months so I thought I would share!

I know what my dress is supposed to look like… I’m not going to share the actual dress but here are some that I liked (you know, for my next wedding Winking smile)


lace tea length dressLace Tea Length Dress from Lovely Lunga Weddings


blue shirt loveheart

A cool idea using an old blue shirt from your Dad from Clean Up on Aisle Four (and Style Me Pretty), I’m gonna do this but on the inside…


pretty dress

And every time I look at this dress from Etsy (no longer available) I always think it’s just so pretty!

We have selected a caterer and I have made my own veil (hope it looks ok) using this tutorial from the lovely and talented Rebecca Caridad. (Check out her current link on simple flower arrangements in jars, I plan on doing something similar for our table decorations).

I have got my shoes and my jewellery together, here’s some inspiration (but not the actual ones)…Earrings

From Fairytale Events



Diamante Louboutins as seen on Style Me Pretty I’ve actually already mentioned these shoes when I wrote about My Love Affair with Style Me Pretty Weddings.


I’ve also got my wedding underwear sorted. Support wear for the day and something a bit funner for the night, I won’t over-share though Winking smile

I had some trouble booking a hair-dresser for the day. Generally, I am not a snob, but on two things I know I am most definitely a snob those two things happen to be coffee and hair! Yes, I am a self-confessed coffee-snob and I am definitely picky about choosing a hairdresser. It took me a while to be satisfied with a hairdresser in Bendigo until I finally walked into Jools for Jim and have been satisfied ever since. However with Great Western (our location for our wedding) being two hours away from Bendigo I had to find somewhere closer in Ararat. My first trial didn’t go so well, wasn’t bad just wasn’t great… Not really the reaction you want for your wedding day hair. Luckily a lovely girl that Simon went to school with in Ararat (also called Renee) happens to not only make cakes (yippee) but is a hairdresser too! After Renee did my hair I felt so much better and she gave me some great advice that included purchasing some Remy Human Hair Extensions for the day off Ebay. So I have booked in myself, the bridesmaids and my Mum and Sandy (Simon’s Mum) is going to the same hairdresser that day too. I have also got myself some hair extensions, yes!

Us girls are going to do our own make-up! I’m sure most of you (including my own bridesmaids) must think I am crazy for wanting to do this but I have three responses to that;

1. Princess Catherine did her own makeup on the day she married Prince William, if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me.

2. I want to look like myself.

3. I wish to refer you to A Practical Wedding’s Series on doing your own make-up (and generally the entire APW site!)

The Bridesmaids have their dresses. They look like this;

Bridesmaid Dress But in Hot Pink…


Simon and his groomsmen have their suits. They look like this;

suit But with pants… (and a different tie)


My good friend Sarah Roberts has agreed to be our MC on the night and various different people are organising their speeches (hopefully…)

And as mentioned our friend Renee is making our cake for us. Here are some cake inspirations for you to feast your eyes on…


Rustic cake

Found on Wedding Chicks


Bird Cake

Found on The Knot

Pink Orange Cake

Found at Green Wedding Shoes


We have (obviously) done loads of other things over the last 6 months like our engagement photo shoot, our wedding rings, our favours and decorations. Plus I have been trying to treat myself to massages and facials throughout the entire process to keep giving myself incentives. But there is waaaay too much to catalogue here. Instead I think it would be best to say at this point what we haven’t done, what we still have to do. So, here goes…

Confirm Flight Bookings and Honeymoon Accommodation

Make sure the Bridal party (including the Bride and the Groom) has their complete outfit

Check in with speakers preparing speeches

Write my own speech :0

Finalise the wedding rehearsal and dinner

Finalise the menu and numbers of guests

Organise drinks for reception (non alcoholic)

Confirm the itinerary with;


Cake Maker (and hairdresser)


Ceremony Officiant (Jason)


M.C (Sarah)

Bridal Party Members and Parents


There are loads of other details, to-do lists and itineraries but I don’t want to bore you with them right now. Instead, tell me which pic is your favourite. Is it the mexican-style-vintage-lace dress from Etsy or the cake with the birdies on top? My favourite diamante Louboutins or our Bridesmaids dresses?

Happy Day!!!***

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