Saturday, 9 March 2013

Our Side Table Thingamee


Hi Again!

I wanted to share a project with y’all that we did last year before we even got married! We are just catching up on life and so just catching up on documenting these little projects that make Simon and I who we are!

We found this telephone table at Echuca Salvation Army for about $20


and with a little bit of attention we turned it into this


The decorating is still a work in process but I wanted to show you how we gave this little table new life. We’re planning on tackling a larger project using the same method soon…

Now I have to be honest, Simon pretty much did all of this on his own (when I actually wanted him to be doing wedding planning stuff) so I can’t take the credit for any of it. I took some photos that was it and suddenly… It was done!

So first of all we took out the drawer


… and removed the hardware.


Then gave it a thorough sanding by hand.


Simon was very thorough…


Then he gave it a good spray undercoat.


We chose White Knight from Bunnings. This is what those in the USA call ‘primer’.


Then we tackled the actual table.


We had to remove the brown corduroy cushion.


Sorry. Not great photo, the space was pretty messy in between wedding projects etc…

There was a little bit of damage under the cushion on the chip board but since it was only going to be covered up by a cushion again it didn’t really matter.


Here’s after Simon’s thorough sanding. (and after the space was cleaned up a bit)!


And after the undercoat.


Then onto that cushion…


Hmm, it’s definitely seen better days and I think I was still in nappies the last time brown corduroy was considered ‘hip’…

As you can see the material was attached to a chipboard backing by heavy duty staples over the foam cushion.


So using some pliers and a screwdriver Simon removed the corduroy.


And then using the old corduroy as a template Simon cut out the new fabric and nailed it back over the cushion.


We got the fabric from Spotlight. Do you love the cabbage rose toile pattern?


By this stage the undercoat on the drawer and the table was dry and the fun was to begin.


We used Dulux Quick Dry in Sky Blue.

Using long extensive strokes in a well ventilated area we transformed that dark shabby lady into a fun colourful showgirl!


Once the paint had dried thoroughly we put the handle back on and attached the cushion and this was the result…


It sat at our front door in Bendigo until we packed up and moved ‘tup Norf! And now it sits at our front door in Palmerston.


We would love to mount both the blackboard and the mirror on the wall, maybe put a frame around the mirror (using crown moulding pieces) and put a picture in that frame… But on the whole we’re happy with it!

What do you think?

Have you ever transformed a dark shabby lady into a fun colourful showgirl?

Happy Day!***

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