Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Human Plans and God's Plans


We sit and plan our nest eggs, money in the bank, equity in our homes, investments properties and just... investments... For tax-'write-offs'.
It keeps us awake at night wondering if we spend this money here can we reap profit over here.
It consumes us as consumers we are.

We fill ourselves up with the consumption of uber eats and instagram likes and international clothes and food and caffeine and we justify it through our global society. Our global world tells us it's ok and 'look how much I saved' but what we don't see is where we save, someone else loses.
We think we're hustling but sometimes we're actually just using our inexplicably unconscious power to steal, maybe even kill, maybe even destroy. Yes destroy, the 'other'.
Who is the other?
The unseen, the loser, the powerless, working the fields while you buy it, sewing your clothes while you buy it, satisfying your carnal desires while you buy it but you don't even have to buy it these days do you?
It's free.
Free to consume for the consumer. So long as you are on the right team, under the right flag, by chance got born into a society where to consume is now free while others, those 'others', struggle.
'It's Business!' we cry.
Oh how sophisticated.

And here I am a walking talking hypocrite.
My carnal flesh desires to consume.
Consume the signature caffeine, consume the international sweater, now I even say sweater and my son says cookie!
While I consume others go further and further into destitution. Oh my flesh...
Oh my flesh...

Micah 2

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