Friday, 2 September 2011

Second Location

Goodness Me!

I'm certainly learning as I go with this blog! This is about the third or fourth time that I have tried to post this entry so you can all see the beautiful second location we looked at about two weeks ago now! So here we go...

I had to change from my iphone to my digital camera at this point so apologies for the crick in your neck you get from the videos, looks like I'm still learning as I go with my camera too... :D

So, as I said this was Grampians Pioneer Cottages, we met the very cute Robert who was over 80 and actually hand-made all of the cottages on the site! Incredible!

 This is the outdoor BBQ area where the marquee will sit in front of, generally the catering happens in this undercover space apparently.
This is the open area where most people have the ceremony, as you can see it needs decorating to make it magical but the view really is spectacular (this shot doesn't do it justice)

And some more different shots from around the property.

This gives you a look at the inside of some of the accomodation, the hand-made (essentially) Pioneer Cottages! I love the long tables and bench seats!

This was one of the cutest things at this site! Accomodation for your pooch! It's dog-friendly! :) But Bella (Simon's Beagle) is still not invited to the wedding!!!

And our final thoughts on this location... (I didn't mention the VERY cute pink wildflowers on the side of the road but they were lovely!)

This past week Simon and I (and his Mum Sandy) went out to see another location in the Grampians which is set up specifically for weddings during the wedding season (and is just accomodation the rest of the year) but I wasn't really that into it... It may have been one of the more affordable options but it was more of a package deal and I'm not really a package deal kind of girl... I don't do package holidays (yet) so why should I have a package wedding?! Even if that means compromising in other areas... :) This weekend we are actually going to a completely different location: Daylesford, to take a look at a place which is probably going to be waaaay out of our price range but I figure there's no harm taking a look... Right...? ;)

Happy Day!
Renee *:)


  1. it looks lovely Renee! I am sure that wherever you and Simon decide on will be perfect !
    love and prayers Katxx

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Kat! :)