Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Daylesford Option

Now that I have finally finished uni for the year and (most) of my work events are completed I can concentrate on more interesting and fun things like wedding planning and telling y’all about it! Smile

Although we kind of had our hearts set on getting married in the Grampians we thought we better explore a few other options… One of them being Daylesford… Daylesford is a beautiful artsy, hippy town about an hour away from Bendigo on the way to Ballarat. This might mean nothing to some of you but if you ‘where is’ it you can get the gist. It’s also only about an hour away from Melbourne and is also known for being in spa country Victoria (so it’s a bit posh in parts). One of the most iconic wedding venues in Daylesford is the Convent.
The convent literally used to be a nuns convent which has now been converted into an art gallery, cafe, restaurant and wedding venue. The best part of this venue for me was the fact that right in the middle of it it still has its old chapel.
I could so imagine myself walking down the aisle with my Dad and Simon waiting for me at the end.
Here is a picture of the outside of what was the convent, the second floor window is where the chapel is Open-mouthed smile
And this is where canapes etc. could be served after the service,, behind where I took this pic is an absolutely beautiful garden. It was still in Winter mode when we went to see it but it will look absolutely spectacular in Spring!
This is looking down on the same area but one level of the garden up!
This was kind of spooky… This is the gutted nuns quarters on the tippety top floor! Of course there is artwork on all the walls now but the owner who was showing us around said that staff often feel the presence and even can smell the Spirit of one of the old nuns sometimes. I just felt an overwhelming Spiritual presence there in general from God…
So Simon and I LOVED The Daylesford Convent unfortunately it is one of the top ten wedding destinations in Victoria so it had a price tag to match… We thought we might be able to squeeze it into the budget if we invited less guests but we want to keep looking! Smile
The Daylesford Convent has more beautiful photos on their website. If you are interested take a look at

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