Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Love Affair with Style Me Pretty Weddings


As some of you may know I have been a little bit obsessed with bridal magazines, blogs and websites, ‘pinning’ this that and the other willynilly! Well today I want to share with you one of my favourite wedding websites Style Me Pretty. I’m sure any blushing brides reading this will know all too well the fabulously beautiful, chic and cleverly curated American website that has regional editions, including one for Australian weddings!

Check out their current home page here.

And here is some of the yummy goodness…

Here is the link to a beautiful wedding in Santa Barbara, California where the bride wore these stunning Louboutins on her peppers;


I die!

Now I am about to let you in on a little secret… The following are my DREAM wedding shoes and if I can get my hands on them I WILL buy them and I WILL wear them and my heart will be HAPPY;


They are just so perfect for our wedding and this lucky bride thought so too! Seriously, if anyone finds these Melissa by Vivienne Westwood shoes in this colour combo in a size 7 I wanna hear about it!!!

And here are those shoes again;


Just in more ‘wedding’ type colours this time in Somona, California.

And for something closer to home, here’s something from Perth;

Of course I LOVE her shoes


I just love this picture with the huge Aussie flag!


And they served Lavender Lemonade;


Now, let’s have cake!


Soo classy! From this couple in the Napa Valley.

And I just love EVERYTHING about this LA wedding


Have I mentioned I LOVE Californian weddings??! Seriously, I’m such a West Coast girl Winking smile

Check out these beautiful Bridesmaid dresses;


So versatile and Summery not to mention a great colour.

They were the attendees of this beautiful bride from Tennessee.

And here’s another little treat from Tennessee;

image image

Serious cuties!! And her dress, ahhh.

OK and this next one is cute cute cute!


Don’t you love the soda bottles?! Very trendy vintage chic ha! And I also love the Bridesmaid dresses, unique and bright and wearable.

Check out more of that wedding here.

And here is some fun inspiration.


Simon and I both want to make our wedding as fun as we are and fun always involves games! This Style Me Pretty Inspiration came from one of the Style Me Pretty girls’ own wedding. Check it out here. I also LOVED her veil!


It was makeshift on the day because she had left her original veil at home in Dallas (they got married in Fredricksburg, Texas) so they had to run and get some tulle and attach it to a hair comb she had purchased from etsy.

image image

Love it!

And stickin’ in Texas (seriously between California and Texas all my wedding dreams come true lol!)

I love this cross and I’m trying to get Simon to make me one


Check out more here.

And, moving on, what a cute but stylish idea is this?


It’s from this wedding re-do in Kansas!

Two weddings! A bit greedy! I think I’ll just get through one at this stage lol… But I might pinch some ideas…

Now there is one wedding ‘trend’ that I am honestly obsessed with which I know will not be ‘on trend’ when I look back in 10 years time but I just don’t care because I LOVE Mason Jars!!!


This particular mason inspiration came from Colorado here. 

And I better leave it at that because I just get soooo carried away on Style Me Pretty! I go ‘pin’ crazy (more on that in my next post).

Thank you Style Me Pretty for enough inspiration to get married every single Saturday for the rest of my life! I <3 U XXX

Are you also obsessed with Style Me Pretty or other wedding websites like The Knot? Which wedding is your favourite? Is it the Santa Barbara Louboutins, the home-grown wedding in Perth or the cuties from Tennessee?

Happy Day!***


  1. Renee, my shoes where like a pair that you just posted, the ones with the diamond bows... I LOVED THEM... in fact every now and again I still get them out just to wear around the house... I am pretty sure they were my favourite part of my out fit... I felt just like Cinderella!

    Hope the wedding planning is going great guns, been thinking of you a lot!

    Lots of love em :)

  2. Hey! SO BEAUTIFUL! I've got my wedding shoes now and I'm keeping them a secret from Simon at the moment but we won three months of free dance classes so I might have to get them out in the last month to wear them in... :D

    Thinking and praying a lot for you and Dave, especially seeing your posts on Instagram ;)