Saturday, 28 April 2012

Seriously, what did Brides do before Pinterest?!@


If you have not yet joined Pinterest (particularly if you are planning a wedding, party, having a baby, know someone having a baby or once were a baby…) then you need to get onto it immediately! Seriously! It is my new obsession and has taken over from Facebook as my procrastinator when I should be doing anything but surfing the net.

Pinterest Logo

Not only is it full of the prettiest things in the world but it educates me about something every single time I log on!


It’s basically like a big online pinboard. You can look at pictures that other people have pinned from the net, they can look at things you have pinned from the net, your homepage is a timeline of ‘pins’ from all your ‘friends’ and if you click on a pin it takes you to the webpage where it originated. It’s a great way to bookmark webpages especially for ‘how-tos’ or things you might be thinking of buying and it is a great marketing source for blogs, websites and products too!


And you can have as many virtual pinboards as you would like to organise your thoughts, events etc. So for example I have one for wedding inspiration, one for work, one for uni, one for inspirational words and even one entitled ‘hounds’…


Whenever you see a pin that you like you can re-pin it onto one of your boards or just ‘like’ it if you prefer. You can imagine the way that popular pins can trend and word can spread via the use of a particularly pretty, witty or compelling pin. Creativity is championed and originality is encouraged too and that’s one of the reasons I love it!


I’ll be the first to admit that it’s users are mostly 20-50 year old females but it’s got a much wider audience really and it’s growing! Even Simon has an account! He likes to pin pictures of Superheroes mostly…


Anyway you need to request to join Pinterest or someone who is already a member can invite you so drop me a line if you want to join, I’ll more than happily add you! Just be warned, your browsing time on the internet will never be the same again!!!

Happy Day!***

P.S Abby Larson founder of Style Me Pretty (my favourite wedding blog from my previous post here) is going to be featured/interviewed on another beautiful blog that I follow The Everygirl! How exciting!!!

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