Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Alexis on Fire (and Simon too)

ANOTHER wedding this year hooray! And this time it was for Simon Mapleback and Alexis Crowden. Thanks for letting my Simon and I share in your special day Smile
This wedding was held at Moreland Salvation Army in Melbourne, both the ceremony and the reception. Their colour scheme was a beautiful purple colour.
After the ceremony they served cute little cupcakes with the love heart design on them.
Such a great idea as refreshments between the ceremony and reception. At the actual reception they served buffet meats, salads and vegetables, there was so much food, and then they announced the desert buffet!
I loved what they did with the lights on the roof and the purple strips of material and lanterns on the roof. Totally transformed the space.
And here’s the actual cake. Alexis’ dress was elegant and her hair was immaculate, such an attractive couple.
Their first dance was to ‘Come What May’, the theme song from Moulin Rouge and Alexis had given Simon a pocket watch with the words ‘Come What May’ that morning as her wedding gift to him. Cute! They had choreographed a beautiful dance to the song that ended with Simon picking Alexis up and giving her a smoocheroooo… A little bit Dirty Dancing, a little bit Dancing with the Stars and a whole lotta romance! Awww!
These are the fun favours they gave out as well. Mini coloured noodle boxes with their engagement photos on them with yummy chocolates inside and on the tables they had jars with imitation candles in them. Alexis had asked friends and family members to save their jars for months (sound familiar) and then she painted their names on them with the  date (10/12/11). Alexis and her bridesmaids had bouquets and Simon and his groomsmen had flower button holes but that was all the flowers they had. The candles set the scene across the reception, soo puurty!
Well done Simon! You’ve nabbed a beauty! We wish you both love and happiness for the rest of your days Smile

Can I just say before I go, check out my hottie! Smile
Also, do you like my hair? It’s a bit messy here as this pic was taken at the end of the night but I’ll let you in on a little secret…
I had a little help from this hair donut! Have you heard of them before? I felt like I was in the 60s or something putting extra thickness to my beehive… This was the first time I wore it and I was a bit nervous that everyone would be able to see through it but I think it worked well!
This is how I started with a high pony above the crown of my head.
Then I stuck the hair donut around my pony, I like to call it my hair sponge coz it looks like one of those squidgee spongee things that you use for shower gel heehee.
Then I pushed my hair loosely over the donut.
Then, starting from the top I pinned the hair over the donut, gathering any excess hair around and under the donut.
Then it’s just a matter of checking that the donut sponge is covered by either enlisting the help of a wonderful fiance’ or buying a never-ending hairdressers mirror so you can see front and back Winking smile
And there you have it. A ballerina/Sarah Jessica Parker/I have SO much hair, aren’t you jealous? top bun without the help of hair extensions. And you really don’t need much hair at all for this. The donut I bought (from Price Attack I think) was one of the biggest thickest ones but you can get smaller ones as well and they even had twin ones to emulate Princess Leia…
I’ll have to try that look next time Winking smile
Happy Day!***

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