Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Year of the Vicki


This year I was blessed to go to one of the weddings of the year in Sunny Queensland in Port Douglas! It was for one of my high school buddies Vicki Newman and her fella Rob Levin, it surely has been the year of the Vicki…


This is Vicki, and yes, she looks that beautiful every day! Her Dad was very proud! They got married at Port Douglas Yacht Club overlooking the bay and she arrived on a big yacht, sadly I didn’t get any photos of that but this is her walking up the ‘aisle’ after getting off the boat.


And here we can see the beautiful location and her groom Rob. Sadly he broke his foot only a few weeks before the wedding so he had to do the whole ceremony sitting on a chair but Vicki didn’t seem to mind at all she seemed deliriously happy and stress-free, the perfect bride!


And going in for the kiss after the official stuff is all over!


And the signing of the register. Poor Rob had the sun in his eyes during the ceremony so he had to put on his sunnies. Hilarious! Smile


And this is my gorgeous friend Celeste who also just happens to be Vicki’s cousin as well, we all went to school together. She was a bridesmaid of course and look how beautiful she was! Vicki and Rob’s colour scheme was black and white so the bridesmaids wore strapless maxi dresses with a cute little diamante detail on the sweetheart neckline, hair up and carrying white roses. So stylish!


OOh excuse us, Celeste had to hike up Vicki’s train after the ceremony, where’s the hook..?


Ah, just stunning, in true Vicki style she pulled off a traditional white wedding dress with a modern twist and was still most definitely the sexiest lady of the day!


So while I was there I caught up with my best friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in AGES, Jayne! Was so lovely as both Vicki and I were in her wedding to Andrew…


Now there’s a blast from the past… What fun!


So onto the reception… It was just a short drive around the corner to Salsa Bar and Grill Port Douglas. As you can see the black and white colour scheme was kept throughout and looked really good at this venue. The weather was just perfectly warm and sunny and the open feel of the restaurant took full advantage of that.


I loved the table trimming. The green moss with the simple white flowers and tea light candles made the black and white softer and more natural.


And we were at Table 8… Throughout the invitations, the order of services and the menus etc. was a Victorian theme with this cute romantic couple. I didn’t know if it was a play on Vicki’s name but it perfectly suited the black and white. Made me think of Shakespeare or something like that… Shakespeare wasn’t Victorian though was he? I don’t know, maybe someone could clarify what era this couple in love are from..? Smile


And my place-card/table-setting/gift! I love the dog-tags, all of the bridal party were wearing theirs around their necks by the end of the night and this was a tea-towel/napkin favour, such a great idea! They were all in a range of different designs but all, of course, black and white! Every guest also got a little hand-made wooden box full of sweets to take home too!


One of the highlights of Vicki and Rob’s wedding was the food, it was absolutely exquisite and you could choose from the menu, (as opposed to being served alternative dishes), I chose the beef! Yummm!


This was their cake, a profiterole tower!!! Fun!


Vicki and Rob cutting their cake, check out Rob’s crutches, decorated in black and white, awesome!

Open-mouthed smile


And Omgoodness! The desserts! This is the before…


And this is the after haha…

Reminds me of Oscar the Grouch for some reason… Does anyone know what I mean??


They had a wishing well and I’m pretty sure it was handmade for the occasion, lovely!


And here’s a close up of Vicki’s flowers, love the Lilliums! (Is that what they’re called??)


OK, now some of these photos aren’t clear but this is a little montage of Vicki and Rob’s first dance! The food was good but this was even better and it was completely unplanned! As Rob has been using a wheelchair and crutches to get around they thought it would be funny for Vicki to jump on his wheelchair and go for a bit of a ride at the start of their first dance. Only problem was within about 5 seconds Vicki’s beautiful dress was caught in the wheels and before they knew it there were about 5 people gathered around trying to get her dress out of the chair without ripping it! So romantic haha! Finally they got the dress out and they had their little dance with the crutches! A GREAT story to tell the grandkids!


Aww… Happy Life Vicki and Rob may you bear many crazy kids!


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