Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ken and Jo 25 Years


A few weeks ago Simon and I were lucky to share in a 25 year Wedding Anniversary Celebration. It was actually on the weekend that was exactly 12 months until we hope to get married! Ken and Jo Hollis had a celebration at the Bendigo Salvation Army that included a renewing of their vows and it was just lovely!


Here they are on the Salvation Army platform renewing their vows. They gave each other a small gift. I liked that all they needed on the platform was the cross with the bible and the mercy seat and some nice lighting.


They stuck with their original colour scheme of light blue, white and silver and to jazz up the hall a little bit they had some balloons. I love balloons!



They had a fruit cake which tasted so good that Joanne made. A few white carnations set the table off. I loved the  little simple details in remembrance of their special day 25 years earlier, they had a display of the wedding album and a few other things that Joanne had kept.


Here’s Joanne with her baby boy (and our friend) Ben! Don’t you love the champagne outfit Joanne chose to wear. It has a bridal feel to it with the lace detail but it’s more grown up! Jo looked great!



Congratulations Joanne and Ken, here’s to 25 more years of love and marriage!***

Happy Day Smile

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