Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Year of the Vickie


This year I was lucky enough to share in one of my best friends in the world getting married to the love of her life… in LONDON! Woohoo!


This is the former Miss Vickie Barr getting married to Dr Nick Hoque at Bromley Temple Salvation Army, Kent, United Kingdom.

Funnily enough (totally unplanned) her and Nick had chosen the exact same colour scheme to Simon and I; pink and orange! We MUST be good friends, either that or trend forecasters because since I got home from her wedding I’ve been seeing bright pink and orange everywhere!


So this is Vickie and Nick. They met while working in a children’s hospital together, Vickie is a play specialist and Nick is a baby doctor. Haha, for some reason in my head ‘baby doctor’ sounded funny, like ‘baby daddy’ or something… Anyway.


This is neither Vickie nor Nick but my bestie Kristy. She was my partner in crime, international woman of mystery and all-round travel buddy when we lived in London together for just over a year 2006/2007. She was also invited to the wedding, although she’s currently living in Canada, without me (waaaa!) But will hopefully be coming back to Australia for mine and Simon’s wedding next year as my Maid of Honour, yipee!


This is the lovely Fiona, we met her through Vickie, she’s English, and became our very good friend whilst we were in London. I think she was just bewitched by our G’Day’s and use of the word ‘Doona’ and didn’t notice that we consumed an awful lot of her time while we resided in her fair country. But she was part of the wedding too, she played the piano (she’s rather super at it) and will hopefully be coming to Australia for mine and Simon’s wedding too!

(BTW, Did you notice KFC had StreetWise Roller Snacks for only 99p while I was there this year? Bargain!)

Winking smile

OK so after the ceremony at Vickie’s home church (the awesome thing about Vickie and Nick is that they come from different culture so they got to have like three weddings but this was The Salvation Army Christian one) they had their reception in London at the AMAZING Kensington Rooftop Gardens. Here’s some of the details;


The table settings, bowls of flowers on mirrors with tea-light candles.


These were the place-cards, they had a fun Monopoly theme which ties in with the fact that their wedding was in London…


And each table had a Monopoly themed name as well. It was fun eating my dinner at Barons Court! I have to say that our table quite possibly had some of the funniest people at the wedding on it including my besties Kristy and Fiona!

Winking smile


Their cake was definitely a stand-out, it had zoo animals all over it! Of course the Monkey (Vickie) and the Tiger (Nick) were at the top. Don’t you just love the way the Rooftop Gardens presented the cake with the lights and the rose petals?!


And their first dance together… Aww… Although my photography wasn’t the best on this day I also like this photo coz it shows us Vickie’s dress. She mentioned that she chose something more conservative than she thought she would but if anyone knows Vickie they know that the boat neckline of this dress is classic Vickie. She has about 5 different dresses with the exact same neckline and about 10 different tops and sweaters! It suits her so perfectly and her cute little figure looked great in this material. I liked the way it was fitted all the way along her waist and her hips and then flared out into princess from there! I also loved the beading detail above the skirt and along the neckline. The shining glory of Vickie is her beautiful Rapunzel-esque blonde hair and although she wore a veil for the ceremony she took it off for the reception. She also wore a beautiful tiara which I loved!


And here’s us girls! The day after the wedding I got up early, went down to the photo shop near Fiona’s place and bought four frames. I gave each of us this photo to remember the day and our special friendship! I’m so glad I did! Everyone says me and Vickie could be sisters, what do you think?

Sadly I didn’t get many photos of the reception venue coz it was raining by the time we got there (which apparently means good fertility, go babies!) but you should really check it out here 

Happy Day!*


  1. Love the pic of the four of you! You all look gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks, will hopefully post an updateof our venue plans thus week :)