Saturday, 12 November 2011

The White Wedding Dress


I am very lucky to live in the lovely city of Bendigo in Northern Victoria, Australia. Along with all the advantages that come with living in a regional centre (fresh produce, access to beautiful landscapes and country drives etc.) there is a great artistic presence in Bendigo and a fantastic art gallery that regularly holds world class exhibitions.


The latest (no less due to my upcoming nuptials Winking smile) is The White Wedding Dress from the V&A Gallery in London.


Simon and I went and visited it recently and it was lovely. I couldn’t take any photos of the actual exhibition as photography is prohibited (along with coffee, so I discovered) but here is a picture of Simon doing the quiz at the end of the exhibition.


And me taking a break on the nice white couch.


The exposed brick is nice isn’t it Winking smile

However a number of the stores down View St. (the street that the art gallery is on) had white wedding dress tributes in their front windows so I snapped a few of those…





Cute huh?

I also snapped this…


It’s not a white dress or even remotely related to the exhibition but I just liked it Smile

View St overall has a very festive ‘white’ vibe about it at the moment which is lovely. If you would like to visit the exhibition or find out more about it check out here

Call me if you are from out of town and would like to have a coffee when you come to see the exhibition. Although of course we would have to make sure our coffees are finished before proceeding through the exhibition…

Happy Day!***

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